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Why have a Second photographer at your wedding

When I'm not shooting my own weddings I love to assist/ second shoot for other wedding photographers near me. I am part of a great community of professional photographers who second shoot for each other and I can also call my good friends. A 'second shooter', 'second photographer' or 'assistant' usually covers the parts of the day where the main is busy elsewhere. As an example, if the main photographer is with the bridal party getting ready in the morning, the second shooter may be with the groom and groomsmen. Then they can be at the church/ venue as guests are arriving. They would then spend the rest of the day capturing venue shots, table and room details, lots of candid guest pictures and of course the speeches.

Why have a second shooter?

Maybe you want even more amazing photos or you have a particularly large wedding?
All of my second shooters are professional wedding photographer in their own right, we have worked together before and are great friends! They are there to cover any other angles that maybe I can't while covering the main parts of the day. 
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James Andrew