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Firstly once again thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. One more item ticked off your wedding planner! Every couple’s wedding journey is unique, I can’t wait to get to know you both and capture memories of your special day for you to treasure forever. This information will give you an idea of what to expect between now and your wedding day, along with some planning tips to help us get the best pictures possible...


Depending on when you booked you might not hear from me in a while once we have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Most couples book anything from 6 months to 18 months in advance but whatever the time frame don’t worry, you’re all booked in! As seen in your wedding agreement your final payment is due 8 weeks before the wedding. I’ll be in touch 2 weeks before this due date to give you a little reminder and have a chat about how your final preparations are going. I will also send you a link to an online form, which allows you to fill in all your final details and timings for the day. Don’t be a stranger in-between times, if you have any questions just drop me an email or give me a call. Also feel free to keep up-to-date with my latest work and wedding inspiration via my Facebook page or Instagram.


With our prior planning we will have organised my arrival time and where I am required throughout your big day. Even though at times you may not be aware of me, don’t stress, I’ll be capturing lots of memories as the day unfolds. My style of photography is natural and storytelling so no awkward smiles or set pieces, I want you to be enjoying your special day with the people you love. I’ll be capturing lots of pictures from bridal preparations, natural shots, details, couple portraits and dancing in to the night.


Hopefully you’ll be enjoying your honeymoon wherever that may be… on a deserted tropical island sipping pina colada's or cuddled up in a log cabin with a hot chocolate in hand. Taking a deep breathe about how amazing your big day was but satisfied you have no more planning worries and looking forward to what the future holds. Meanwhile I’ll be busy editing your wonderful day and will be in touch as soon as possible. I absolutely love sending you some sneak previews within the first week so keep an eye on your email inbox and my Facebook page. Turn around for your whole gallery of images usually takes around 8 weeks but can take up to 12 in peak season. 

The wait is over! The first thing you will receive from me is a link to your highlight slideshow. Snuggle up on the sofa, pour your favorite drink and relive the wedding day through this gorgeous video slideshow set to music. A few days later you will receive a link to your personal digital online gallery. Here you can view your photos, share them with family and friends, download them and even order prints. I usually deliver around 500 photos in total so get yourselves a comfy seat to watch! If you’ve ordered an album on booking you’ll receive an email asking you to pick out your favourite images and cover material. If you haven’t pre-ordered an album but change your mind don’t worry, simply get in touch and we can begin to design your perfect wedding album... 

I’ll be in touch closer to your wedding day. Thank you for booking me and I look forward to telling your wedding story.

Don't forget to checkout my FAQ's at the bottom of this page... 



How far in advance of the wedding do we need to book?

It’s always best to secure your wedding date as early as possible to avoid disappointment. I take booking up to 3 years in a advance, so if you want me to photograph your wedding don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is your style and do you take any family or formal group photos?

My main aim is to provide you with a visual story of the day, and therefore my style is very much reportage/documentary. I capture the day as it happens, no set poses or forced smiles. However, I appreciate that family and clients have a need for the traditional portrait, and will happily plan and coordinate these into the day. I would normally recommend limiting set group shots to no more than 8, so that we can do these as quickly as possible to allow you to enjoy your day.

How do we book you to photograph our wedding?

Get in touch and once I have checked that I'm available for your wedding date, we will arrange a phone call or meet up to discuss your wedding plans in more detail. To finalise the booking I will then send you a contract along with a request for an initial payment of £250. 

How many photographs would you expect to take on our wedding day?

There is no limit to the number of photographs taken, I will work all day taking as many images as I can, but in terms of what I provide as the final result, it can vary greatly depending on the length of the day, the size of the wedding, the location or the weather. I would estimate to provide you with a *minimum of 350 fully edited images for a full days coverage.

How soon after our wedding will we be able to see our photos?

I take great care in the post production work on your photographs so I aim to provide the final images 8 to 12 weeks after your wedding date. The images will then be available for you to view via the secure online gallery. You will be provided with a unique code to allow you access to the gallery, which you can also pass on to friends and family if you wish. The images will also then be sent to you on a presentation USB.If you require an album, then work on this starts after you’ve had time to digest the images.

Can we print directly from the images that you provide?

All of the edited images from your wedding day can be accessed via your private gallery, as well from your presentation USB. The images are in a high resolution format to allow you to print directly from the files provided.  You are free to print your wedding photographs as you wish, email them to friends or even upload them to Facebook and instagram. 

Can we order prints from your website?
All of the edited images will be saved in your personal online gallery. Here there is the option to order prints and wall art directly, alternatively you can source your own printing, you are not tied in to anything.

What happens to my wedding files?

I save multiple copies of wedding files on external hard drives and the cloud to ensure that they are stored safely. However I will only commit to saving raw and jpeg files for a 12 month period after your wedding date.

We are getting married overseas, can we still book you to photograph our wedding?

Absolutely! I love to travel and have photographed weddings all over the world and there's lots more places I'd like to go!
For overseas weddings I do ask that both travel expenses and accommodation costs are covered but I always aim to keep these to a minimum. Simply get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and plans for your big day in more detail.

Are you insured?

Only cowboys avoid insurance, and I’m no cowboy!! As a full time, professional photographer I am fully insured for both public and professional indemnity.

Do you work with a second photographer?

I shoot alone and also sometimes with a second shooter - it's really down to preference if you wish to add to the package. There are a few benefits though;
*Both your preparations in the morning can be covered,
*When I am standing by the officiant awaiting your arrival, my second shooter can capture you walking in!
* More documentary shots of guests whilst i'm with you doing family formals
*Covering different angles for your couple portraits
*Around 300 extra images

How far do you travel?

There’s no limit. I travel all over the UK and internationally for destination weddings. When it comes to the UK, all wedding prices are fully inclusive of any travel and accommodation costs. If you’re more than 2 hours drive away, I will travel to the location the night before, that way, I’m with you in good time and raring to go!

Who owns the copyright of the images?

The copyright of the images always remains with the photographer, but I license my clients the right for you to produce the images in any way you wish. The only thing you cannot do with the images is use them for commercial re-sale.

Do you re-touch or enhance the images?

My rule of thumb is that for every hour I spend shooting a wedding, I spend an hour in post production making sure each and every image is as perfect as it can be. I always check the balance for lighting, colour and contrast and will re-touch any images where appropriate. There is no extra charge for this.

What cameras and kit do you use? Do you have backups?

I use 2 professional Sony digital cameras with a collection of several high performance lenses. I also have an additional back-up camera just in-case along with several high quality memory cards and lots of batteries!

Do you do engagement shoots?

I certainly do. They’re a great way to remove any fears you have of being in front of the camera. Always informal and relaxed, it gives you a chance to have some fun and get some stunning portraits of you both before the big day.

How does my album design process work?

I will ask you to choose the images that you would like to be included by selecting individual photos in your online gallery. I will design your album with your selection, to tell the story of your day. I will then email you with a proof of the album design for you to approve. Once you are happy I will send the album to be professionally printed with your choice of cover and personalised text. 

What kind of album do you offer?

Please see the Wedding Album section of my website for information on the albums that I offer.